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HoloNET Was Featured In The Latest Holochain Dev Pulse! :)

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 10th September 2019:

Greetings Friends,

We bring great news! :) We have been featured in the latest Holochain Dev Pulse! :)

Check it out below:

Our plan to gift forward HoloNET to the wonderful Holochain community is working because we are creating more and more waves within their community, to the point that the core team are now taking notice so we have now been featured in this weeks Dev Pulse.

Plus we will soon also be feature in an upcoming AMA & Community Matters newsletter.

We hope this plus the deep networking we have been doing within the Holochain community along with us going Open Source will help attract the devs we really need for this vital project for the future of humanity... :)

Check out the GitHub repo below:

If you are interested in getting involved then please do get in touch on or send us a message on the Holochain Forum.

We have sooooooo much more exciting news to come, which we will share soon...

We will soon be releasing a new version of HoloNET that now has the ability to auto-start and auto-shutdown the hc conductor enabling it to be packaged up with the .NET binary or Unity game and also does not need to be started and shut down manually. This will then make Our World and any other hApp that uses it fully self-contained without any external dependencies... we will share more on this soon...

Lot's happening, it's hard to keep up to date with this blog but we are doing our best! ;-)

Stay tuned folks!

In love, light & hope,

The Our World Team.


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