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I am FREE! :)

Greetings Friends,

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 16th September 2017:

Just quick not to announce that I am now FREE from the rat race and finished my last day of my last contract at the end of August.

So from 1st September I have been working full-time on this very important vital project. Every year I will celebrate 1st September as my own special Independence and Freedom Day.

Now I am free I can free everyone else... ;-)

This scene at the end of the amazing film BraveHeart sums up how I feel right now:


This means progress can now massively speed up! :)

It couldn't come at a better time when you look at the state of the world we are in today...

We really do need to start creating that better world for everyone today...

So please join us and help spread awareness of Our World so together we can create a better world... We are also really in need of funding or investors so if you know of any please send them our way! :) It would be really appreciated.

We currently have a funding page here:

We would really appreciate if you could donate anything you can afford, even if its just a pound, if everyone did that then we would be able to massively accelerate this very urgent and important project for a world in need right now. I think everyone can justify a pound if it meant saving the world don't you think?

It's even better to spend a pound on this project rather than buying a lottery ticket since you have more chance of being hit by a car than winning the jackpot, then even by some fluke you did win, there is no point having millions if there is no world left to enjoy it on. Think about it...

Also, please make sure you like our FaceBook page:

We need to build our online community to as big as possible before we launch new crowd funding campaigns on Kick Starter and start approaching investors... We are also hiring and looking for the world and community to all contribute to this project so please do get in touch and get involved, we would love to hear from you!

Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)

Proud & Liberated Aspie

Founder & Managing Director

NextGen Software Ltd



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