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Meeting With Holochain & Holo Co-Founder Arthur Brock Went Well! :)

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 13th February 2020:

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that after 2 years of working hard we finally managed to secure a meeting with Arthur Brock, co-founder of Holochain & Holo.

We have spent these 2 years networking with the amazing Holochain community meeting some wonderful people and slowly but surely gradually increasing the awareness of Our World & the OASIS API.

Last year we started talking to and building close relationships with members of the Holochain team via mattermost and the forum and this has eventually led to getting some of Arthur's time, a very hard thing to do being as busy as he is! :)

It was good to hear that he said he has been tracking it and was interested in it... :)

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, parts of the OASIS API overlap with their plans for CEPTR (Holochain is a part of). Part of CEPTR is what they call the pluggable protocol and is very similar in its aim to connect everything to everything else as the OASIS API.

This why it was important we spoke to Arthur to start co-coordinating our efforts and to see where our visions overlap. We can achieve our goals, dreams and visions so much faster if we all work together rather than alone in our silos. This is what Our World and the OASIS API are ALL about, bringing everyone and everything together in UNITY. Deep integration is our speciality over at NextGen Software Ltd.

Our World & the OASIS API are unity consciousness expressed within the technical sphere.

Arthur said he wants to help and can introduce us to some connections once we get an A4 sheet over to him summarising Our World & the OASIS API... that is what we are working on at the moment along with lots of other things, mainly the Unity front-end to the prototype, that has come a long way... stay tuned for a big update on that soon with updated videos and screenshots... :)

We have previously also have had calls with one of the core developers Philip Beadle discussing Unity and Holochain, because he also wants to create a game for his band/music. We have also had calls with David Atkinson, the Commercial Director of Holo. We also know Nico Luck, another core developer on Holochain. Our 2 years of hard work networking, has paid off! :) But it has come at the expence of slowing down development on the prototype, but now missision has been acomplished talking to Art, we can focus more on the prototype again! :)

Next step is to get a call with both Art & Eric, or even better is to all meet in person, we hope this will occur at some hackathon on the not too distant future... :)

Lots of other big exciting news to share soon too...

We feel this is the year where Our World FINALLY gets some big funding and really takes off where we can massively accelerate development by building a bigger team along with an office in London... in fact we have some exciting news in that area to share soon... ;-)

Stay tuned...

In love, Light & HOPE,

The Our World Team.


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