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Merry Christmas From The Our World Tribe! :)

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 25th December 2020:

Greetings Friends,

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas from the Our World Tribe! :)

Wow, what a year it has been eh?! Sooooo much has happened both on the global stage with the challenges we have all faced along with LOTS of progress being made with this critical project for Earth! :)

The OASIS API was released as well as an early preview of the Smartphone prototype video. We also made lots of new partnerships and joined various alliances as well as took part in many group calls with our co-creators as well as taking part in many interviews, as can be found on our site and YouTube channel.

Still lots more to do! As you may have noticed we have focused on the blogs, videos, website, interviews, networking, group calls, etc since Oct and now we are very happy we can focus more on the coding again (after lots was done in Aug and Sept!). Before that we spent 6 months building the B.E.B prototype built on top of the OASIS API. We hope we can have permission to show this to you once we have secured investment, so you can see where all our hard work went for half of this year! :)

It is a Workflow Management System for the construction industry. We hope we will secure investment next year once the economy recovers from the crazy year! :)

We will share more of the above in our Happy (fingers crossed!) New Year blog post coming soon, along with our plans for next year and an update on our road map... stay tuned...

In Love, Light & Hope,

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