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ONE WORLD - Together We Created A Better World

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 21st November 2020:

Greetings Friends,

We have been pondering whether to rename the 2nd version of Our World (the VR/Console/Desktop version) to One World since it is mostly focused on uniting and brining humanity together so we can live in harmony with each other and our beautiful planet.

The first version is the Smartphone Geolocation AR game similar to Pokémon Go but much more evolved. Both games are a real-time simulation of the world but the smartphone version is like a decentralised distributed replacement for Google Maps/Earth so this fits the title Our World better. Both games are about uniting and bringing us all together but Our World will be out first and represents humanity where we are now - "Together we CAN create a better world" and the next one is hopefully when we have created that better world - "Together we created a better world".

That's how confident and optimistic we are that WE CAN DO THIS! :)

As our good friend and hero Superman says, "I wish you could see the world the way I do, it is after all just ONE WORLD". We are ONE humanity and we all breath the same air and have the same coloured blood, we just wear different clothes that's all! :)

We would love to hear your feedback on this? What do you feel the VR/Console/Desktop version of Our World should be called? Our World or One World? Thanks! :)

In Love, Light & Hope,

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