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Our World/OASIS NFT Store Announcement!

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 22nd September 2021:

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that the Our World/OASIS NFT Store is now ready for people to buy virtual land (OLAND) within Our World.

Check it out below:

We are currently also working on the a store on OpenSea and will announce this soon...

We would really appreciate your support by sharing this news and purchasing virtual land as an investment in the upcoming digital twin of Our World. This is how we are currently funding our developers and we currently only have about 1-2 months of runway left to get the MVP's finished so we would really appreciate your support.

We now have 4 teams,:

Our World Unity Wizards - Our World AR/Geo-location MVP built on top of the OASIS API. Part of what they are currently working on is the ability for people to select the OLAND people would like to purchase on a 3D map of the world (Our World), which is a digital twin of the world.

One World Unreal Wizards - One World MVP, which is the 3D MMORPG (with VR support) sequel to Our World and they actually integrate and allow players to interact with each other.

OASIS Web Wizards - Generic re-usable OASIS Web components showing how to build on the OASIS API. Part of what they are building is a bespoke NFT Store Web UI built on top of the OASIS API and our own CargoOASIS Provider built on top of the Cargo API, which will also be integrated into Solana NFT's (we have already built our own API and SolanaOASIS Provider for this also). We will be adding more blockchains soon... including Holochain NFT's! ;-) We intend to fully integrate everything like it has never been done before! ;-)

OASIS Back-End Services Wizards - Building the back-end services and OASIS Providers that power the OASIS API.

OASIS Bot Wizards - Building Discord OASIS Bots to support our development process fully integrated into the OASIS API so devs are rewarded karma for contributions as well as for doing their daily standups and keeping JIRA up to date, etc. We will soon be making this publicly available so other teams can also benefit from our productivity tools as well as for general use where people can gift karma to others for good deeds and for helping, etc.

We have about 5-7 devs in each team with more joining all the time...

Work is really ramping up now:

As you can see now have 12 contributors for the main OASIS API repo and 8 for the Our World repo.

You can even engage with our dev teams and give ideas/feedback on our open and upgraded Discord Server here:

More are joining all the time so now is a great time to join the momentum and get involved! If you are a dev we would love to hear from you, or even if you are not! Please reach out to us on the discord server above or on our Telegram group:

As you can see, lots is happening so we would really appreciate your support to help keep this momentum by investing in virtual land within Our World...

We will soon make available other digital assets for Our World & The OASIS for the NFT Store such as upgrades for your avatar, building materials, buildings, etc. Again more news on this soon...

If you want to learn more about OLAND's then check this documentation here.

Part of this is shown below:

"1 OLAND (OASIS Land Holon) represents 1x1m2 of virtual land within Our World. Karma earnt in the game and satellite apps/games/websites that plug into it for good deeds determine the location, the higher the karma the better the location. Karma can also be redeemed to increase the size of the OLAND holon allocated.

Karma can be earnt for many things such as progressing/completing quests in Our World, spending time in nature, picking up litter, helping people, planting a tree in the rainforest, recycling, caring for

the environment, improving yourself in a self-help app, etc, doing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, eating healthily, taking care of your body, etc. You can also of course lose karma for dropping litter, being rude/offensive to people, eating unhealthily, not taking care of yourself or the planet, etc.

Karma is both for individuals and organisations (how much do they care for their employees, the environment, how much recycling they do, etc).

Karma is linked to your OASIS Avatar, which can be created either in Our World, through a OAPP (OASIS App) that plugs into Our World/The OASIS or directly through Before purchasing this OLAND, you need to submit an application on the form below stating your intentions for the land. Only benevolent intentions that benefit everyone will be accepted. On the application you need to also state your preferred location and if you have the required level of karma for that location you will be accepted.

Otherwise, the next nearest OLAND will be offered to you. You can either then accept the new OLAND location or work to increase your karma to get the original OLAND you requested. Depending on the application, we offer a 30 day grace period for you to raise your karma to the minimum level required. We will reserve this OLAND during this grace period, after which it will be released back to the public domain.

WARNING: If you do not honor your intention then you risk the OLAND being revoked and released back into the public domain. Anything built on this will then either be recycled back into the ether or broken down into parts/components and auctioned off. Your money will of course be fully refunded to you.

As long as your new intention is still benevolent and will benefit everyone then this will be no issue, it is only an issue if you say for example state your intention is to build a health food shop but instead build a junk food chain that is known to be bad for your health or you state you will create a charity to give to the homeless but instead build a casino. This is governed by 3 steps:

1. You use the land for a non-benevolent reason that can potentially harm people, animals or the planet, eg. gambling, drugs, weapons, trafficking, violence, harming nature, experimenting on animals, drilling for oil, fracking, junk-food or other harmful products, etc).

2. Your karma level falls below a certain threshold for that location (this can be either your personal karma if you are a sole proprietor or your collective karma if you are an organisation, company, etc).

NOTE: Your karma level will automatically fall if your land applies to step 1. 3. If steps 1 and 2 apply then the community can choose to override this process by voting for any extenuating circumstances (very unlikely but just in case).

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on our telegram group: or discord server: Thank you.

OLAND NFT Application Form:

What will you build?

Want to make a difference in the world?

What will be your legacy?

Ready to be a hero?


For the full price guide please check the full documentation here.

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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