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A BIG thank you to our 5000+ fans!

Greetings Friends,

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 25th October 2017:

We would just like to say a BIG thank you to our 5000+ fans, it is greatly appreciated! :)

It is really good to see our online community growing and growing...

Our next target is 6000 but our big goal is 10,000!

Everything is accelerating and accelerating and I feel we can get the next 5000 much faster than the first. Part of this can be seen by the rate of likes we are getting increasing over time. We have not changed our FB marketing campaign and are paying the same amount of £8/day yet as you can see from the graph below the rates are increasing:

We are just about to start a EPIC push for Our World by leveraging all of our networks and contacts especially within the spiritual communities and people who care about our beautiful planet. We will also be targeting the Ready Player One and Autistic communities. Over all this time we have been quietly networking, planning and researching all places we can use to help us reach a LOT more people...

The time to launch these plans is very near...

After this EPIC push we expect the likes to explode on the page, that is the point we then plan to launch our Crowd Funding campaigns on KickStarter and IndieGoGo...

We are also about to reach out to celebrities including Earest Cline, Wil Wheaton, Jane Mcgonigal and John Carmack...

After this, we expect our FB Likes and online community to explode!

We have many even bigger steps planned after this...

So stay tuned for more news soon...

As always we have been open and honest with our community on our progress and future plans. This is the way we like it and how everyone should be, totally open and transparent where no hidden agendas or secrets are kept.

This way we hope we earn your trust and loyalty going forward...

Once again, a EPIC THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! :)

The Our World Team.


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