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First Production Ready Release of WEB4 OASIS API! & More! :)

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 15th June 2022

Greetings Friends,

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the first production ready release of the WEB4 OASIS API was made on the 5th May (v2.1).

The first ALTHA release was made on Oct 10th 2010 and since then it has come a long way with many improvements.

The latest improvements include:

- Performance.

- Security.

- Stability.

- Error handling.

- Fault-tolerance.

- Auto-failover.

- Auto-replication.

- Improved documentation.

- Improved error reporting.

- Additional overloads/endpoints.

- Re-written and improved Avatar API.

- New AvatarDetail API

- SQLLiteOASIS Provider.

- Neo4jOASIS Provider.

- EthereumOASIS Provider.

- EOSOASIS Provider.

- So much more!

Time to start building on The OASIS... ;-)

Lot's more exciting news & features coming soon including:

- Auto-Load Balancing.

- Moving Auto-Replication to background thread/service to further improve performance.

- Quantum Encryption.

- GraphQL Endpoint.

- Grpc Endpoint.

New Key & Wallet API Preview (v2.2)

We are also about to release v2.2 which will include a new Key & Wallet API for managing and aggregating all your wallets/keys into one fully integrated simple to use OASISWallet linked to your Avatar.

So basically the private keys are stored locally on your machine as people suggested so the wallets minus the private keys are stored and replicated on all providers such as blockchains, cloud, dbs, web 2, web3, ipfs etc but only the full wallet with private keys are stored locally. The cool bonus and side effect of being built on the OASIS API is the private keys will be auto replicated and backed up to all your local devices and local providers running on them so it will be double backed up, an issue with storing your keys only on your device is they are not backed up and people lose their keys and access to their wallets and money/crypto but with the OASIS it will be auto backed up securely to your local devices and to multiple places and storage providers per device automatically so could be holochain, encrypted file, local dB, even hardware wallet across multiple local devices either connected through Internet or LAN or even Bluetooth.

So you never lose your keys again.

Also because its built on top of the OASIS architecture it will have auto fail over so if one local storage provider or device goes down it will automatically use the next fastest one. Plus if you get a new device your wallets/keys will automatically sync across to them along with your avatar & all your data. It can also work offline and across Bluetooth, LAN, etc.

And they are super secure and stored offline.

Plus they will have 3 level encryption including quantum encryption.

So the safest most secure and easiest way to store your keys and wallets.

Plus they are all linked to your one avatar SSO so you only need to have your 1 login to manage them all in one place.

Plus it automatically manages your wallets and keys across the local storage providers and non local storage providers so its much more simple than everything else.

Plus it aggregates all your wallets, money and crypto into one OASIS wallet linked to your avatar so you can see all the transactions and balance for them all as if they are just one wallet, it automatically converts between the different tokens and even to fiat because it also links your bank accounts too.

Oh plus your wallet will be super fast because its also automatically load balanced and has auto fail over so it will also be 100% reliable and no down time so no more waiting etc (another bonus of being built on the OASIS).

We are only just beginning... 😉

This is a slight taste of the kind of thing that the OASIS makes possible...

Now with this architecture in place all kinds of unique solutions and use cases can be realised that were not possible...

I'm sure others can find lots more powerful use cases we have not considered yet...

It's the power of unity consciousness and it's auto replication is based on nature how cells auto replicate etc

What is WEB4 & WEB5 Really?

We noticed Jack Dorsey has announced his version of WEB4, which is really just a re-brand of WEB3 (it is a web platform built on Bitcoin). So we thought we would remind people what WEB4 and WEB5 REALLY is... ;-)

We actually first used the terms publicly last December on one of our Telegram updates:

As many of our fans will know, we have been working on the OASIS API since 2017 and Our World since 2011 (the first world within the WEB5 STAR OASIS Omniverse)

WEB 4 OASIS API is a fully distributed decentralised fault tolerant load balanced integrated API that runs across the full Internet acting as an abstraction layer over everything and serves as a network of networks.

One of the core design goals of the OASIS is maximum interoperability (to remove all silos and walled gardens) to the point everything merges into one (the singularity) and also to be super powerful but super easy and intuitive to use.

It also harnesses the best of each provider so the OASIS uses the strengths of each provider to the maximum and removes all weaknesses, it automatically uses the most appropriate provider or providers for any given use case.

The first ALTHA release was made on 10th October 2010, read more here:

The first full production release was made on 5th May 2020 as announced at the beginning of this post.

WEB 5 OASIS STAR OMNIVERSE is built on top of the OASIS API and aggregates all the worlds data and expresses it within a cyberspace ontology using a cutting edge custom built ORM (Object Relational Mapper) called COSMIC. The STAR Omniverse is both a simulation & game of life and aggregates all metaverses into one fully integrated unified platform.

Read more about STAR here:

WEB5 STAR Omniverse ALTHA will be coming later this year... watch this space! ;-)

Both WEB 4 & WEB 5 use machine learning AI to analyse all of the worlds data to generate useful insights, predictions & so much more!

To summarize, WEB4 OASIS API aggregates all of the worlds data into a fully unified API to allow better sense making to made, which then feeds into WEB5 STAR, which expresses it in a cyberspace ontology and connects the worlds data to the rest of the COSMOS and Galaxy... ;-)

Here are some scribbles our founder & CTO Visionary David Ellams made at 4am over the past few months, we plan to write these up and publish them very soon once we get the demos of WEB4 OASIS API going... :)

The long awaited OASIS API Demos & Hackalongs begin June 21st!

We are very happy to announce we will finally kick off the OASIS API Hackalongs and Demos on June 21st with a different module/theme being demoed/explored each week:

June 21st - Avatar/Karma SSO API.

June 28th - Data API.

July 5th - Provider API.

July 12th - Key/Wallet API.

July 19th - Tech DeepDive.

July 26th - OASIS Web UI/Portal.

Aug 2nd - General Q&A (AMA).

More to come soon...

The above is subject to change depending on circumstances etc.

These will be held at 1pm EST and will last around an hour, but may run a little longer depending on questions, etc. We will demo each new module and then take questions at the end. Please check the main telegram group: for latest updates as well as a link to the zoom call to join. Thank you. We originally was going to demo everything in one session but the OASIS has grown so large it would take a very long time so we thought it best to break it into modules/sessions to make it more manageable! ;-)

Please reach out to us on the above group and this one: to let us know if you will be attending and for what sessions, thank you.

Exciting times.

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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