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What is WEB4 & WEB5 Really?

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 23rd June 2022

Greetings Friends,

We noticed Jack Dorsey has announced his version of WEB4, which is really just a re-brand of WEB3 (it is a web platform built on Bitcoin). So we thought we would remind people what WEB4 and WEB5 REALLY is... ;-)

We actually first used the terms publicly last December on one of our Telegram updates:

As many of our fans will know, we have been working on the OASIS API since 2017 and Our World since 2011 (the first world within the WEB5 STAR OASIS Omniverse)

WEB 4 OASIS API is a fully distributed decentralised fault tolerant load balanced integrated API that runs across the full Internet acting as an abstraction layer over everything and serves as a network of networks.

One of the core design goals of the OASIS is maximum interoperability (to remove all silos and walled gardens) to the point everything merges into one (the singularity) and also to be super powerful but super easy and intuitive to use.

It also harnesses the best of each provider so the OASIS uses the strengths of each provider to the maximum and removes all weaknesses, it automatically uses the most appropriate provider or providers for any given use case.

The first altha release was made on 10th October 2010, read more here:

The first full production release was made on 5th May 2020, read more here:

WEB 5 OASIS STAR OMNIVERSE is built on top of the OASIS API and aggregates all the worlds data and expresses it within a cyberspace ontology using a cutting edge custom built ORM (Object Relational Mapper) called COSMIC. The STAR Omniverse is both a simulation & game of life and aggregates all metaverses into one fully integrated unified platform.

Read more about STAR here:

WEB5 STAR Omniverse ALTHA will be coming later this year... watch this space! ;-)

Both WEB 4 & WEB 5 use machine learning AI to analyse all of the worlds data to generate useful insights, predictions & so much more!

To summarize, WEB4 OASIS API aggregates all of the worlds data into a fully unified API to allow better sense making to made, which then feeds into WEB5 STAR, which expresses it in a cyberspace ontology and connects the worlds data to the rest of the COSMOS and Galaxy... ;-)

Here are some scribbles our founder & CTO Visionary David Ellams made at 4am over the past few months, we plan to write these up and publish them very soon once we get the demos of WEB4 OASIS API going... :)

More to come soon.... ;-)

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe.



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