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HoloNET RSM Officially Released to NuGet Package Store! :)

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 12th September 2022

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce that HoloNET RSM has now finally been officially released to the NuGet Package Store:

As you can see there are two versions, a normal one and an embedded one. The embedded version comes with the Holochain binaries (hc.exe and holochain.exe conductors) embedded so HoloNET and Holochain can be directly integrated into any target .NET or Unity app/game/service/website with no need to worry about installing, configuring starting/shutting down the conductors, because HoloNET will do all of this for you! :)

The documentation has also been fully updated (from the previous Redux version), you can check it out here: There is also a Test Harness that can be used to test HoloNET: We hope this will now open up the doors to the massive .NET (one of the top frameworks used in the enterprise sector) & Unity (the top games engine for smartphone apps and one of the top for consoles) ecosystems bringing loads of devs, funding & PR much needed for Holochain! :) If you look above, you will see there as already been well over 700 downloads so this is a promising start! :) Next Steps OASIS API Integration Next steps is for us to now finish the HoloOASIS Provider to integrate Holochain into the OASIS API. This will allow bridging to other Blockchains, DB's etc such as Ethereum, EOS, Solana, MongoDB, SQLLite, Neo4j, ThreeFold, ActivityPub, SOLID, IPFS, etc... We can bridge holochain to all WEB2 (dbs, clouds, etc) and WEB3 blockchains etc giving a easy migration path to holochain.

Read more here: Unity Asset We plan to create a Unity Asset making it easier for other .NET & Unity devs to get involved with Holochain and get building hApps... We will release this soon... In the meantime people can make use of this NuGet package. .NET HDK Low Code Generator We can then get back to the .NET HDK Low Code Generator (will migrate this repo over to here soon...), this uses HoloNET to call into the dynamically generated rust and c# code. The rust code acts as a DAL (Data Access Layer) and the C# code acts as the BLL (Business Logic Layer). The generated C# code wraps around calls to HoloNET. This code has also already been written and is working with the previous version of Holochain (Redux).' This also allows devs to make use of all the libraries and resources available to them in Rust, .NET & Unity! 😊 So it will not take long to get this working with RSM (we just need to create the RSM CRUD templates for it to use). Then, we can add the WASM compilation option to allow it to directly generate the .NET code to WASM so it can be used directly with the conductor so it will not even need the rust code at all then! :) All of this helps bring yet more C# devs to Holochain who do not have time to learn Rust... :) WEB5 STAR Omniverse Interoperable Metaverse Low Code Generator It also allows the STAR Omniverse Interoperable Metaverse Low Code Generator to dynamically generate rust and c# code allowing people to focus on their idea rather than the lower level implementations and allow them to build metaverse experiences on top of holochain. The back-end is very close to completion and the front-end is in progress... :) This is an evolution of the .NET HDK Low Code Generator so works the same way in that is generates dynamic rust and c# code, except it now also generates moons, planets, stars, galaxies, universes, etc and allows them to run across any blockchain, web2 cloud/db, IPFS, Holochain, etc. Everything that the OASIS API supports. STAR integrates both the .NET HDK (containing HoloNET) as well as the OASIS API and then expresses it in a cyberspace ontolgy and soooooo much more! ;-) It also allows other metaverses to be integrated in the Open Omniverse, which is the game of and simulation of life... Read more here: For all of the above you can find more info on the OASIS API main repo as well as the Our World site & blogs: Donations Welcome! Thank you! HoloNET is totally free and Open Sourced to be used anyway you wish as long as we are credited. If you find it helpful, we would REALLY appreciate a donation to our crowd funding page, because this is our full-time job and so have no other income and will help keep us alive so we can continue to improve it for you all (as well as the WEB4 OASIS API, .NET HDK Low Code Generator & WEB5 STAR ODK Ominverse Interoperable Metaverse Low Code Generator), thank you! :) Do You Want To Get Involved? We are always looking for people to jump in and get involved, you do not need to be an existing coder, we can help you with that... you just need a willingness to learn and to have an open heart, we are always more interested with what is in your heart rather than your head! ;-) The whole world is the Our World team, hence the name... ;-) It is not our project; it is all of humanities... We also offer FREE training and apprenticeship program with the NextGen Developer Training Programmes. We will teach you all we know over time and you get to work on this real live commercial codebase rather than wasting time working on throw away dummy apps as most training offers. No previous skills/experience required and is open to everyone, but especially for all disadvantaged people including special needs, homeless, unemployed, prison inmates, kids on the streets etc. We want to help the people the world has forgotten and for people who have stopped believing in themselves, we BELIEVE IN YOU and in time you will again too. Everyone has a gift for the world, and we will help you find yours… Find out more by checking out the links below: NextGen Developer Training ProgrammeNextGen Junior Developer Training Programme We are looking for Web Devs (with any of these: react, angular, vue, js, html, css), Unity Devs & C# Devs. If anyone is interested in developing this game/platform, then we would LOVE to hear from you! 😊 There will be opportunities for people to own shares and/or cryptocurrency (as well as other unique perks such as premium locations in both the geolocation and VR versions, personal or business service spotlights, free lifetime access to all premium paid services, massive karma points (allowing your avatar to progress to more advanced stages in the game unlocking new exciting quests, areas to explore & new special abilities/superpowers) plus lots more!) based on the input they are willing to provide. Thank you and we hope we find interest from people to join us on this exciting incredible journey. Want to make a difference in the world? What will be your legacy? Ready to be a hero? If the answer is YES, then please proceed to here... The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Holochain... In Love, Light & Hope, The Our World Tribe. 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