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Beyond XR Is IR (Infinite Reality)

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 28th November 2020:

Greetings Friends,

Many most have by now heard of AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality)? They are normally combined into XR to represent both of them.

Well, what comes next? IR (Infinite Reality) where the boundary between virtual and reality blur into one.

We would like to remind people that Our World & the OASIS API are Unity Consciousness expressed within the technical sphere... That is what is at the core of them... integration & gamification and we are talking about full integration with all tech both back-end and front-end and also FULL integration with the real world since it is a digital twin of the world and you, and uses IR (infinite Reality) to bridge and merge virtual and realty into ONE.... :)

We will share more on this soon... :)

In Love, Light & Hope,

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