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Business Plan Is Now Complete!


This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 28th March 2017:

We bring good news, The Business Plan is now finished at least after 3 long years in the making, this is the 3rd major revision of it! It started off as a 40 page document, which I personally wrote from scratch using various online guides and research. I then purchased some professional Business Plan writing software and using their new template this swelled it to 140 pages! There is so many sections people claim you need and with all the information out there, it can get quite confusing.

So in the end realising this was now far too big I finally enlisted a Professional Business Plan Writer who then used a brand new template and it has now shrunk back down to 40 pages! :) But it is much more evolved with the best bits from all 3 versions. I have also applied my wealth of experience I have learnt running my own company Yoga4Autism for 4 years as well as my 15 years in the technical field as a contractor. I have used this experience to update and evolve the plan even further.

So I hope in the end it was all worth it! :)

Now we are looking for investors to invest in this valuable project, we have a few lined up but we want to speak to as many people as possible...

We are also looking for investment to our sister company Yoga4Autism...

So if you know anyone who many be interested in either business, please get in touch!

Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)

Founder & Managing Director

NextGen Software Ltd


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