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Meet The Dream Team!


This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 12th June 2017:

We are pleased to announce the new "Meet The Team" section on our website.

You can now put a face or faces behind the hardworking peeps making this dream a reality...

We have also included the current team members below (we actually have more but we are still writing up their profiles at the moment so expect to see them appear any day now...)

David Ellams BSc(Hons)

Founder & Managing Director

Senior Developer


"David has been programming since the age of 8, when he got his first computer, the good old ZX Spectrum, ever since then he has been hooked to coding, especially games. As well as creating games, he has enjoyed playing them his whole life. He has vast experience in all things technical including coding websites, desktop software, back-end services, apps, game and much more as seen on his CV. He has a 1st class honors degree in Computing And Informatics and came top of his class. He has always had a passion for computing but later in life he realised the world really was not in a good way and wanted to use his skills to make a real difference so he created NextGen Software Ltd to create revolutionary cutting edge apps & games to help make the world a better place. Our World is his masterpiece and has been in the design stage for over 6 years but now the time is finally here to make his dream a reality...

Please see the Power of Autism section above for more info on David."

Stephen Watts

Technical Director

Hardware Advisor

"Stephen has been best friends with David since they were very young, he like David has always had a passion for computers, programming & gaming. He is also very good at the hardware side of things and has been playing around with electronics since an early age. He is an excellent sounding board for David and has been helping to design Our World and other NextGen apps. Together they make a good team bouncing advanced very far out ideas of each other, dreaming of the day when they could make them a reality, that time has now arrived."

Martin Schiller


"Martin was born in Munich, but after 10 years he left Germany and lived another 8 years in Malta. He got interested in the digital world at a young age and started to learn programming at the age of 14. He experimented with many different programming languages including python, java, ruby, lua, javascript, haxe, dart and used various 2d game frameworks such as openfl, love2d, pixijs and haxeflixel. After finishing his International Baccalaureate he spent some time traveling. In 2016 he met a group of people from a project called yunity. One of the main projects at yunity is to create a multi-sharing and saving platform. Since his encounter with people with yunity he has traveled with them and stayed in many different communities and explored possibilities for a permanent space to create communities. During this time he has continued to advance his skills in the digital world as well as the physical world. "

Ben McEwan

IT Security

"Ben is a pharmacist and cybersecurity expert. He has been using and fixing computers since the age of 10.

He's really passionate about both helping David with this project and marketing. Ben is also an aspie (on the Autistic Spectrum) so is equally gifted with computers and technical subjects."

Expect many more to be added over the coming months and years...

Remember the whole world is the Our World team, this section simply shows the core team to help co-ordinate and manage the rest of the global team of over 6 billion people! :)

In love, light and hope.

The Our World Team.


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