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Our World Invited to House of Parliament!

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 24th December 2017:

Greetings Friends,

We would love to put a big shout out and sing high praises for our top Networking Coordinator Ion (aka Ion The Lion) who is the founder of LOVE AID. He has been doing an amazing job networking with top investors, millionaires, celebrities and other very influential people in London.

He was recently invited into the House of Parliament to represent Our World and LOVE AID. We just hope that the politicians start to listen to what is important in life. People and the environment should ALWAYS come above profit and GDP for what is the point of having more money if there is no planet left to enjoy it in?

He was also invited to perform at Tate Modern. He is normally invited to perform, talk or network with a top hotels such as The Hilton and is on the inner circle of numerous groups of entrepreneurs, celebrities and millionaires. He is a world famous performer and has many talents,

Below is a short bio:

"Born in the Year of the Fire-Horse, 1966, with the most powerful Blessings of the mystical Lord Buddha, Ion manifested from the sacred Womb of his Divine Mother, Vibeke Veddinge, who as a young Virgin Girl, seven years prior, had been personally chosen to be the Dinner Lady of the last Emperor of Africa, Jah Ras Tafari Haille Sellasie I, during his Excile from Ethiopia, and the political Turmoil of the Aftermath of the 2nd World War.

Through his divine Mother, Ion received the profound Blessings of the Emperor's own Hands, to be born into a noble Family of greatly inspired Orators, talented Poets, Writers and gifted Visionaries.

Ion's famous Father, Frode Veddinge, is one of the most legendary Danish Folk-Singers, who now lives in sunny Spain, only a few Hours from the African Continent, to where Ion was brought at the tender Age of only five years old, on a dramatic Journey, during the military Coup of Morocco, in 1971.

Throughout the epic Journey of his extraordinary Life in this mad World, LOVE AID Founder & Director, Ion T. Veddinge, has been trained by many Masters, and consequently, Ion has played several different vital Parts, having been trained since early Childhood, as a Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Dancer, Rapper, Spoken Word Artist, Public Speaker, Athlete, Spiritual Life Coach, Celibate Monk, Mentor and Innovator, Creative Consultant.

Today, Ion is recognised all over the world as a clever Cyberspace Communication Expert, Meditative Musician, Sacred Sound Healer, and also, as a Vegan/Vegetarian Gourmet Chef, Clothing Designer, Artistic and Musical Director, Choir Leader, Graphic Designer, Public Performance Artist, and as a hugely influential and experienced Recording Artist.

By the Divine Grace of his many Masters and affectionate Guardians, both beyond the Heavenly Realm of the Higher Planets, and upon this troubled Earth, Ion has boldly and fearlessly manifested LOVE AID in London.

In spite of the obvious and often overwhelming Opposition by the current State, and its Establishment of Exploitation and Oppression, infamously known as Babylon, LOVE AID leads the Way forward as a healthy and happy Movement of Meditation, providing Holistic Healing of our Hearts and Minds...”

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the exciting work ION is doing for Our World & LOVE AID... Much love & blessings, The Our World Team


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