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This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 27th January 2021:

Greetings Friends,

We just recently released the latest publication of the OASIS API:

The content is replicated below for ease of access:

1. The OASIS API seeks to connect anything to everything within the realms of current

possibilities (including EOSIO, Ethereum, Holochain, SOLID, ActivityPub, IPFS, Telos, SEEDS,

ThreeFold & many more!). It is unity consciousness expressed within the technical sphere, a

network of networks and an abstraction layer over the entire internet.

2. It also load balances and has fail over for all providers so eventually over the entire internet!

So, it will automatically find the fastest node to use in a person’s local area, regardless of

what network/platform it is on. This will give the FASTEST possible performance! Plus, if any

of the networks went down such as Telos/EOSIO then it will automatically switch to the next

fastest one in that user’s local area. With unity consciousness the possibilities are limitless!

3. Also, just like a team of people, different tech has various strengths and weaknesses, by

integrating them together so they work as one unified co-ordinated team, you eliminate all

weaknesses and then have the best of all worlds, the whole is greater than the sum of the


4. It will also allow for a SSO (Single Sign On) across all apps/websites/services/games across all

devices and platforms for your OASIS Avatar where you have FULL control of ALL of your

data right down to the individual field level and whether each field is Replicated/Shared

(ReadOnly) or Shared (ReadWrite). You no longer need to remember multiple login details,

you can have just one login (avatar), that follows you everywhere and you have FULL control

of. You choose where your data is stored and who has access to it.

5. The OASIS API is very intuitive and easy to use hiding away the complexities of the lower-

level networks/protocols/platforms/API's but at the same time gives full power and control to power users who wish to dive deeper into the lower-level tech. This also means you do not need to keep learning new tech/APIs/programming languages etc, from now on you only ever need to use the very intuitive powerful OASIS API and the rest is taken care of for you! Also, even if a newer version of one network/API comes out like Holochain RSM or Ethereum 2, you do not need to do anything to port your app to the latest version, the OASIS will take care of this for you.

6. The STAR ODK, the heart of the OASIS can even compile OAPP's to native code for each

platform, provider, network, etc. For example, for Holochain Provider it dynamically

generates the low-level Rust code, which acts as the DAL (Data Access Layer). It also

dynamically generates the C# code that runs on top of it abstracting away the lower-level

complexities and this acts as the BLL (Business Logic Layer). This has the additional benefit

that you can now debug your app logic in C#, something you cannot do in rust. It also allows

you to have the best of both worlds by giving you access to both rust and C# libraries. The

possibilities are endless, time to unleash YOUR full potential!

7. Finally, soon you will also have a very powerful intuitive UI allowing anyone to build an OAPP through a simple intuitive to use drag n drop interface plugging together the various components you need allowing you to focus on your ideas rather than on how to implement them.

8. Our World also acts as the UI to the OASIS API allowing the various OAPP’s to have a 3D object/2D sprite representation on the 3D map of the world. They can then view meta data about the app as well as launch the app from within Our World (phase 1 of The OASIS you see in Ready Player One).Through the OASIS API people have a full geo-location API allowing them to fully control the 3D map, add quests, routes, sub-games, AR hotspots, and so much more. One possible use case would be Smart Cities amongst many more.

In Love, Light & Hope,

The Our World Tribe



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