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Why we decided to open up Our World to the Public

Greetings Friends,

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 20th October 2017:

Originally just like Anorak in Ready Player One I was planning on developing Our World secretively and then surprise and blow everyone away with its release. The game that would change everything...

Yes that is still going to happen, but in the end I decided I wanted the whole world to get involved since I wanted to empower the whole world to take responsibility for our beautiful planet. I wanted the whole world to be the Our World team, hence the name! ;-)

This is when I decided to make Our World Open Source so every programmer from around

It is also why I created a forum and wanted to create an active online community who could get involved, submit their ideas, feedback on existing ones and for everyone to feel as if they are part of something greater than themselves...

So please do get involved here:

I wanted to give people HOPE, give them something to strive towards, to enable to feel as if they really can and are making a difference. To show people just how powerful they are and how much they are needed. People are so much stronger than they think, if only they would put their petty differences aside and start working together for the greater good for all...

People Power is not to be underestimated especially when it is focused on good intentions and around LOVE, which is the most powerful force in the Universe and is in fact what the Universe is created from. Love always conquers fear and everything else. Only Love is real, fear and everything else in simply an illusion. Stay focused and centered in your hearts and in love all will be well, NOTHING can touch that, nothing!

So please make sure you stay connected to your hearts and to each other, stay in your hearts and not your head. Only the mind created fear, but it is not real, only love is.

Remember you are NEVER alone, you are assisted always, we are always here for you and we are all here for each other...

Strength in numbers...

It is time for us all to come together as a people, it is time for us to create a better world...

It is OUR time NOW, the time is NOW.

Together we are stronger, together we are ONE.

It is time to take OUR WORLD back...

Much love & blessings to you all,

The Our World Team.


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