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Would you pay a pound to save the world?

This post was originally published on the Our World blog on 9th November 2017:

Greetings Friends,

Take a good look at the world we live in today, wars, poverty, famine, financial crisis, global warming, environmental disasters, race tensions, inequality, broken homes, crime, murders, stress, cancer, mental illness all at an all time high. The list goes on and on. Yes the world is in a crisis and we need to start taking responsibility for our beautiful planet before it is too late.

People learn at a young age how to act and behave and this shapes the future generations and the world they will create. Due to the majority of games these days involving violence, sex, drugs & crime, this is conditioning the youth of today to the sort of world they will create tomorrow. With the advent of Virtual Reality now making these violent games even more immersive and realistic where the boundaries between games and reality is shrinking by the day, it is imperative we take some social and moral responsibility and start using technology to help create a better world by improving people’s life’s as well as respecting the environment and the planet that sustains us.

People especially the youth are glued to their devices more and more and are having less and less real life face to face interactions. They also do not get out and play in parks and get some much needed fresh air!

The software industry has the power to transform lives through engaging people with innovative products that help them to grow and develop. Recent popular examples include health apps, mindfulness apps and mind training games.

We wish to take this to the next level and help make the world a better place by using technology for good, by bringing people together and to support, guide and educate everyone on how we can all live happier, fulfilling lives and at the same time how we can help save our planet.

We will do this by creating a suite of next gen apps & games using the latest cutting edge technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Real-time emotional feedback, face/voice recognition, motion detection and so much more.

Our World is a exciting next-gen 3D VR Game/Platform teaching people the importance of looking after themselves, each other and the environment using the latest cutting edge technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Emotional Feedback, Voice Recognition & Motion Detection. Imagine World of WarCraft, MineCraft, Pokemon Go combined and then evolved 20 years into the future but was also aimed at the upliftment of humanity and you still are not getting close to what Our World is.

We wish to reach the kids who are glued to their phones and consoles and never go outside, this game will encourage them to get out into parks and interact with people in fun creative ways face to face instead of through their phones. It teaches people the importance of real-life face to face connections with human beings and encourages them to get out into nature using Augmented Reality similar to Pokémon Go but on a much more evolved scale. This is our flagship product and is our top priority due to the massive positive impact it will make upon the world...

We wish to bring people together, build online communities, encourage people to reach out and help strangers for the greater good of all. To encourage people to come and work together and to show how everyone benefits if they put their differences aside and start all rowing together. It will model the real world and also act as a simulation and training environment for how to make the real world a better place.

We are building the evolved benevolent version of the OASIS featured in the popular Ready Player One novel, which Spielberg is currently shooting the film for. This will be out in March in time for our prototype to be released, when everyone will be wanting to play the game of the movie.

It only seems to be a week or two before another terrorist attack or mass shooting or disaster after disaster. How much more suffering does there have to be before the people unite together to say enough is enough?

How much would you pay to help save the world? Fifty pound? Twenty pound? Ten pound? Five pound? Or just ONE POUND? If everyone donated just £1 to our Crowd Funding page, we would have enough to speed up the development of Our World, it is an EPIC size project, nothing like this has never been done before, it will take an army of developers.

For just the cost of a lottery ticket you can help make the world a better place...

You have more chance of being hit by a car than winning the lottery anyway, so it makes more sense to put it towards something more important and vital for the survival of the human race. Plus, even if you did win what is the point of having millions if there is no world left to enjoy it on?

Think about it...

So what will be your legacy? Do you want to be in on the ground floor of the upcoming platform that will take the world by storm? The platform that is going to win many rewards for the groundbreaking work it will do. Do you want to be a hero of your own life story? Want to tell your kids and grandkids that you helped make it happen and go down in history as a hero? What kind of world do you want to leave to the next generation? Want to be part of something greater than yourself? How can you do your part to create a better world?

This is HOW you do your part...

Please do the right thing and donate NOW.

Many thanks

The Our World Team.


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